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Aug 1

A car accident can turn your life upside down. You may end up in a hospital bed for days or months, which means a huge medical bill. You may also lose your job, making it hard to support your family like before. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You may be entitled to financial compensation in Fort Worth, TX  from the insurance company or negligent party. The only problem is that the claim process can be lengthy, expensive, and complicated. But the process can be easier with a competent Fort Worth personal injury lawyer. Stoy Law Group is a reliable law firm with competent lawyers. Here is how we help you.

We Will Gather Evidence 

Winning a personal injury case is not easy. You need to gather strong evidence that shows that you were injured due to another person's negligence. You can't do that while recovering. You should hire one of our car wreck lawyers in Fort Worth to help you. Our lawyer will investigate the case by checking nearby traffic camera footage and talking to witnesses. We will also check police reports to see if it coincides with your side of the story, footage, and witness statements. 

We Will Negotiate

With solid evidence, the insurance company Fort Worth  Injury Lawyer or negligent party will know they have limited chances of winning the case. For that reason, they will be willing to negotiate and offer a settlement. If a fair settlement is not offered, we will use the evidence in court. 

We Compile Essential Documents to Support Your Case

Essential documents are required to support your personal injury compensation claim. Our Fort Worth injury lawyer will look for these documents and compile them as a preparation for the court battle. But we will need your corporation here. We will look for a copy of the police report, medical bill, all receipts, your pay slips, doctors' reports, witness statements, and other relevant documents that can help prove that your life changed after the accident. With evidence and supportive documents, getting the financial compensation you are entitled to will be easier.

We, Will, Represent You in Court 

Stoy Law Group has experienced trial lawyers. Our Fort Worth personal injury attorneys understand the judicial processes. That will help us fight for your rights if the case goes to trial. The rule of law guides us, and we will not rest until you get justice. Fort Worth  Injury Lawyer will guide you throughout the legal process to help avoid mistakes that can ruin the case. Note that the other party will be looking for mistakes and weak points, but we will not give them any chance.

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